International Project "CHANGE YOURSELF IN 90 DAYS"


Have you ever thought that it’s time to start living healthier? Wery often? Therefore, we invite you to join an international project that is already going on. The essence of the project is to help people organize their health and change their habits as a whole. It should be borne in mind that sport or changing eating habits may not always produce the desired results, as the body is so polluted over the decades (poor quality food, bad habits, medication, stress, environmental pollution, etc.) that it requires general cleaning. Experienced nutriciologists will help you do this process gently but effectively.

Anyone interested in the project can:

  • regain strength, energy, happyness and well-being

  • to live healthier and build healthier habits

  • sort out health problems

  • to cleanse the body

  • reduce weight, improve skin, hair and nail quality

  • stabilize the nervous system

  • improve immunity

  • learn to drink water

People of all ages from all over the world are invited to join the project (location doesn’t matter - advice can be obtained online).

Within the project:

  • analysis of the current state of health (possibility to use the latest advanced diagnostic equipment at a democratic price in the world)

  • Formulate goals for solving health problems

  • create an individual health recovery program

  • let’s inspire and help each other

  • let us share our experience and provide you with all the information and answers you need

  • The next thing is up to you and your determination - if you are ready to develop a specific water drinking and eating regimen, follow the guidelines for using natural substances, find time for yourself and work with yourself - participate!

  • The project is not based on excessive diets or increased physical activity, but menu planning and exercise will definitely improve!

Coral Club North America


The Coral Club “Change Yourself in 90 Days” challenge is gaining momentum worldwide.

The challenge participants are demonstrating not only their indomitable willpower, but also a willingness to change, to stay healthier, to become better versions of themselves and enjoy all that life has to offer. We cannot explain how amazed and thrilled we are to see all these incredible transformations that change people’s lives.

We have reached out to @irynaferrari, one of the challenge participants, and asked her a few questions about her thoughts regarding this contest.


Coral Club (CC): What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you?

Iryna: A healthy lifestyle for me is the ability to spend quality time doing what I love. I am a ballroom dance instructor who wants to be in better shape, stronger, more flexible with healthy joints and have perfect skin, in order to perform better and look my best. I started achieving all of this by making small healthy changes every day.


CC: When and why did you join Coral Club?

Iryna: In 2012 I was looking for an effective cleanse. After reading many great reviews, in 2013 I tried Coral-Mine and Go-Detox (14-day cleansing programs). For the past 2 years, I have been taking a whole range of Coral Club products on a monthly basis. I am now able to share my knowledge and results with family and friends who can also benefit. (to be continued…)


This project is voluntary. It involves the gradual change of daily habits and the introduction of appropriate nutrients for the body to purify, regenerate and help itself in a healthy and natural way.

If you want to change your life, learn how to love your body and be more confident in yourself, join the “Change Yourself in 90 Days” challenge today!

How to apply?

You must register on the Coral Club website here by selecting a specialist in the expert section!

Plus, you get the opportunity to receive products with a 20% discount!

When registering on the website, please note the Club number (usually a seven-digit number), which will also be your discount number.
If you are already registered with Coral Club, use the existing approaches.


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