Anti-fungal programs

The fungus is, unfortunately, a very serious problem, and would very much like to this article give hope to many who cannot find the cause of the issue and those who doctors said that their problem cannot cure (such as. psoriasis).

All recommendations are in accordance with internationally recognized doctor / nutriciolog (including O. Butakova) lecture and record materials.

The Fungus

The fungus is a very ancient civilization and practically eternal substance. They are very different and very dangerous in the long-term because it has been shown that the causes of a lot of health problems, including oncological disease! The most dangerous are Aspergillus, and black fungus Okosumus. By person affected by fungus, not a sufficient amount assimilate and not synthesized vitamins and microelements, of which the most important is calcium. Doctors with regrets that children critical decreases blood calcium levels – in the past, this level was 9-12 units (norm) now it does not even reach 3 units! Yeast pathogens through the intestinal walls into the blood.

Germs, fungi and viruses, a rich flora growing in the body and on the cellular level impaired the metabolism and change the biochemical composition of blood. In the vessels impaired blood circulation, the formation of micro thrombus and wear out the lymphatic system. Nervous tissue affects all the possible dystrophic changes. Arise in blood obstruction in the legs, small pelvis, the head and leads to varicose vein extension, thrombus formation, atrophic ulcers. The fungus very like tastes the joints of the liquid which occurs unexplained joint pain or arthritis.

The misfortune the fungus is extremely survivable, living in colonies, do not die at very high temperatures and the big frost. It is activated at the first favorable situation, is passed directly from the mother to the child with milk; sexual exposure (even if you do not have signs, but your partner is, do not propose to perceive it quietly; because all the fluids in the body are inter-related) and the fight is not quick. However, if there is a wish, it is the results and also very well because each problem is a naturally created medicine!


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