Colds and Viruses: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do

1. Mistake - Delay at the first symptoms of a cold

Chills, mild fatigue, sneezing, sore throat, headache. Viral and bacterial growth in the early stages is increasing rapidly. By postponing the use of antiviral products, we miss the auspicious moment when the infection can still be easily dealt with and stopped from spreading
Solution: Immediately boost immunity and block the spread of the virus with antioxidants: Drink plenty of hot (up to 3 liters), alkaline water with the antioxidant Microhydrin or H-500 and / or Coral Mine mineral composition. Hot tea with lemon, give the body vitamins and minerals (Ultimate, Koral Chlorella or Colostrum, Black Walnut Leaves, Garlic).

2. It is Mistake to Stop the runny nose and cough

The body cleanses the mucous membranes through the respiratory system and nose. The use of cold and cough suppressants blocks the body’s natural defense response and, as a result, intoxication and increased stress on the body’s excretory systems.
Solution: You need to help your body to clear the mucus, it will expel them faster and will also facilitate the elimination of toxins and dead bacteria (convert dry cough to "wet") - drink plenty of warm Coral water (1 teaspoon per liter), Assimilator (1 × 3) ), Tea with Licorice root (1 × 4) Ultimate and Paul D’Arco. In case of high temperature - Protiviti amino acid complex.

3. It is mistake to Eat : meat, sweets and dairy products, eggs and fish: buns, candy, cakes.

Increased amounts of animal protein and sugars thicken the blood, thereby slowing down blood circulation, which slows the elimination of toxins and metabolic byproducts from the body. This created a great environment for the growth of pathogenic organisms and the development of infections.
It is necessary to reduce the food load on the body: in the case of a cold in the first days, when there is no appetite, do not eat, especially to force yourself (or someone else) to do so. It is possible to give up food altogether or stick to a vegetarian diet.
Solution: The key is to drink plenty of warm alkaline water, preferably Coral Mine and / or Microhydrin or H-500.


4. Mistake - reducation the temperature if it is not higher than 39 degrees.

When taking a temperature lowering agent, the natural immune response of the immune system is blocked: the acute form of the disease can become chronic.
Solution: Facilitate thermoregulation - Drink 1/2 cup of hot alkaline water (Coral Calcium, Hydrocel, Microhydrogen, H500 or Licorice) every hour. Protivity - temperature lowering. (1X4-8 days)

5. It is Mistake to Do nothing to restore the body’s defenses when the acute manifestations cease.

Weakening of the body is a great opportunity to "wake up" somewhere in the body to the bacilli and / or the infection that comes with the virus. There is a real possibility of exacerbation of existing chronic diseases or the development of new ones.
Solution: Restore the body’s defenses - Drink warm Coral Mine, Aloemannan and / or Colostrum, Lucerne or products with anti-inflammatory and healing properties, as well as strong antibacterial and antiviral effects.

Once viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms have been able to develop and multiply in the body, natural antibiotics that weaken the development of pathogenic organisms can be used: Ants tree bark, Colloidal silver or Cat’s nail.

Parasitic invasion can also be a cause of frequent illness, so it is imperative that every person undergo a parasitic program with natural products at least 2-4 times a year.

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