Secrets of Health by Dr. Olga Alekseyevna Butakova

About the book "Secrets of Health"

The most topical problems of human health are revealed in an entirely new light. Modern medicine has divided the human organism into organs and systems. Each doctor specialises in certain parts of the body, but forgets that the organism is a whole system.
The purpose of this book is to become aware of simple and practical knowledge about the real necessities of our organism:
to become aware how to strengthen health, find out the reasons of illnesses and understand the world of viruses, bacteria, fungi and other parasites that surround us.
How to maintain health, acknowledge a complex approach when falling ill and act safely – how to generate bodies own energy resources for restoring the normal condition of organism. This assumes to begin recovering from decease by eliminating the cause not the consequences.


Throughout our lives, we gain different skills, such as knitting or driving a car. These skills are considered very important but none of them will allow us to live longer.
When health fails, all other skills become worthless. Many rich people say at the loss of theirhealth that they need nothing else in life: no power, no cottages, only if they could beck their health. Disappointing is that we take health as something granted, naively thinking that is was given to us  for eternity, und it has endless supplies. This is a grate mistake, because we make so many mistakes in our lifes that herm our health.
Think abaut this: 80% of what we do in our lifes, we do incorrectly! For example, consciously or unconsciously, we drink Pepsi-Cola and we are not thinking that this destroys blood, kidneys. We ruin ourselves and our childres when we use the cubes of Galina Blanca, wich ingredients include MSG (E-621), etc.

Everything discussed in this book will be said out firmly, otherwise no one listens!


Olga Butakova
is a doctor with 30 years of experience, Ph.D.,an Academician of the International Informatization Academy (I.I.A.) of the UN; the head of the Academy of Health at the Patrice Lumumba University of Peoples ’Friendship; and a chief physician of the Institute of Health Recovery in Moscow; practical develope rand head of the system of training methods and techniques preservation of health exclusively with natural products and natural sources healing.

She is founder and rector of the “International Academy of Health and Self development People” (Moscow), the educator; Doctor of Pedagogical Science, and a Gold Master of Coral Club International.

Olga Butakova participated in creating the documentary film “Caution,FOOD!” that explores issues of factory-made foods with chemical additives.


“Having worked as a practitioner doctor for 30 years, I’ve chosen preventive medicine. Connected with natural health restoring means,as the most promising and safe medical trend. Acquiring work experience, I started realizing that the best way to prevent diseases is to lead a lifestyle conducive to health and teach others. This people become more aware of how to care their personal health.

Learning about the company of Coral Club; I can definitely say that I have never seen so many people who have such an aspiration to learn ways and methods to preserve health; such a desire to learn to help other people; to use the whole assortment of the company’s production correctly and effectively.”

Olga Butakova knowledge teaching so that anyone, even without a medical education could easily understand; and apply the theoretical knowledge in practice, for own health and the health of surrounding people.

If you also want to live an normal healthy life, take care of your and family health, and also to help other people. Then welcome to the Coral Club! Get in contact with me you can  here.



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