The initial stage of health restoration

What to start with? In the early stages of health restoration, Doctor Olga Butakova offers to focus on the key factor – to activate the human internal resources, on which the Health Concept is based.

The human body is undergoing constant processes with autopilot mode (12 health constants). The quality of the processes is a prerequisite for a person’s general state of health. When processes are delayed, certain illnesses occur. Creating the optimal conditions for these processes, the body regenerates and maintains a good state of health. The aim of the program is to activate and optimize the progression of all processes in the human body gradually, following a certain physiological sequence. It is not a cure for certain diseases but it is a medical practice. This is the restoration of body functions through nutriciology. Nutriciology, as the science of supplemental cell nutrition, sets itself a much more uniform and important task.

Its purpose is to provide these processes and increase their quality by supplying the body’s cells with all the necessary nutrients. It is about enriching cells with biologically active substances and eliminating unnecessary substances

So where do we begin the recovery phase?

Restoration of health should always begin with the body cleansing, and directly from the gastrointestinal tract since this is where all the processes begin. Without a body cleansing, it is useless to drink vitamins that will not be able to be fully absorbed through the dirty gut walls and most will end up in the pot unused.

That is why it is so important to clean up your body first and then fully feed it with cell food.

We offer a 90-day program that consists of three steps: body preparation, body cleansing and body recovery with cell food.


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