Covid-19 (Corona virus) confirmed as pandemic!

(what to do to avoid the virus)

Our main task is not to cure but don’t get sick!

Everyone in a panic buying surgical masks. Seriously people- STOP BUYING MASKS! It makes no sense to buy them without understanding how to take care of your health properly.

You can fabricate a mask your self from anything: from wet wipes, to cloths, papers and  medical bandages ... from anything. All you need is rope or rubber and 8-fold folded material, you can also insert cotton wool between them too. This will help you stay safe for 3-5 hours. This is the case if the masks is really missing.

But our main task is not to get sick! Therefore you should use immunosuppressive and antiviral agents to protect your self from viruses and strengthen your immune system.



What do we recommend to use and how?

The mask can be moistened with ColloidalSilver, which kills 99% of known viruses, and the airway outlet should be to smudge with a mixture of Emu oil with Tea Tree oil cream every three hours. Both have anti-bacterial and virus-protection effects. Which should be applied externally using a mask. 

Additionally, we recommend to use natural antibiotics or antiseptics:GarlicExtractCoral Cat’s ClawPau D’ArcoBleck Walnut LeavsPhytoGuard PROLiposomalProducts

use it in double dose


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