Promarine Collagen Peptides & Coral-Mine (set of products + Coral-Mine )

Benefits of Promarin Collagen Peptides:

  • Promotes glowing, smooth, and moisturized skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, dryness, and flaccidity
  • Helps tighten and tone the body, reducing the appearance of cellulite
  • Enhances the health of hair and nails, promoting shininess and strength through improved keratin synthesis
  • Contains low-calorie plant sweeteners like erythritol and steviol glycoside for sweetness without added calories
  • Infused with natural orange, lemon, and apple aromas for a pleasant taste and scent
  • Includes apple and blueberry juice concentrate, pectin, and citric acid for texture, taste, and color enhancement


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With its unique structure, collagen tightly binds tissues, essentially holding the body together. Collagen molecules consist of amino acid chains that form a "rope-like" structure, further assembling into microfibrils and eventually collagen fibers.

Collagen helps organs and tissues maintain their shape and provides structural support support for connective tissue


Our body synthesizes collagen from proteins obtained through food. However, as we age, typically starting around 25 years old, this process slows down. Consequently, the collagen content in organs and tissues gradually decreases, leading to various signs of aging and reduced structural integrity.

A deficiency of collagen in the body can contribute to:

  • Rapid aging of the skin, leading to dryness and wrinkles
  • Impaired hair and nail growth and weakened structure
  • Spinal and ligament issues affecting posture and mobility
  • Vision impairments affecting eyesight and clarity
  • Muscle weakness affecting strength and mobility
  • Decreased elasticity of ligaments, leading to organ prolapse
  • Dental issues, as well as bone and joint fragility
  • Increased risk of vascular diseases due to compromised health

Young, elastic and firm skin contains 70% collagen.

Extended information about the Phytoviron product:

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Thanks to skin collagen:

  • Stays smooth and firm.
  • Maintains a clear complexion.
  • Slows down the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Accelerates regeneration.
  • Preserves the skin’s protective properties.

How does the skin age?

  • Collagen synthesis slows down.
  • Collagen fibers become thicker and shorter.
  • Collagen breakdown begins to overtake synthesis.
  • Damaged collagen accumulates in the skin, resulting in uneven skin tone.

As skin elasticity decreases and firmness diminishes, wrinkles appear, and uneven skin tone becomes apparent with age.

Promarin Collagen Peptides


Vitamin C:

  • Acts as a potent stimulator of collagen synthesis by enhancing the activity of fibroblasts, the cells responsible for producing collagen.
  • Plays a vital role in the production of hyaluronic acid and elastin, two essential components of the skin’s structure that contribute to its elasticity and hydration.
  • Exhibits antioxidant properties, effectively neutralizing free radicals that can damage skin cells and lead to premature aging.
  • Functions as a protective shield against the harmful effects of UV radiation, helping to prevent sunburn and mitigate sun-induced skin damage.

Vitamin B6:

  • Essential for collagen synthesis, serving as a key regulator of protein metabolism in the body.
  • Facilitates the interconversion and metabolism of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, thereby ensuring the efficient production of collagen.
  • Deficiency in vitamin B6 can manifest in various skin disorders, including dermatitis, dryness, scaling, and psoriasis, highlighting its critical role in maintaining skin health and integrity.

Biotin (Vitamin B7 or H):

  • Revered as the "beauty vitamin," biotin plays a crucial role in promoting the health and vitality of the skin, nails, and hair.
  • Acts as a pivotal component for collagen synthesis, contributing to the structural integrity and resilience of the skin.
  • Deficiency in biotin can lead to a deterioration in the condition of the nails, resulting in issues such as fragility, peeling, compromised growth, and structural abnormalities.
  • Similarly, inadequate levels of biotin can adversely affect hair health, causing problems like split ends, hair loss, breakage, premature greying, and imbalances in oiliness or dryness.


Maximally bioavailable form. The product contains collagen peptides. They are obtained by gradually breaking down (hydrolyzing) large collagen molecules into their components.

The smaller the molecule, the easier it is to digest. Coral Club "Hydrolysis is evidence that stops the slide


10 000 mg of hydrolyzed, bioavailable marine collagen in 1 serving!

THE BEST PRODUCT THE BEST TASTE Promarine Collagen Peptides contains natural ingredients for a pleasant texture, taste, and color

Sea collagen peptides: 10,000 mg Vitamin C: 100 mg (167% DV*) Vitamin B6: 1.4 mg (70% DV*) Biotin: 50 micrograms (100% DV*) Spinach: 1 mg *DV Daily Value


Suitable for pescatarians


Mineral composition based on natural coral for improving water quality and taste. Enriches water with useful minerals to improve its physiological value. Produced in Japan from fossilised relict deep-sea scleractinian corals collected in the Sea of Japan, near the islands of Okinawa and Tokunoshima.
Promarin Collagen Peptides: to adults 50 ml (1 vial) once a day with meals. Coral-Mine: place 1 sachet, without opening, in 1.5 litres of drinking water (the amount of water can be reduced by a factor of 2 to 3). The water is ready to drink after 5 minutes. The prepared water should preferably be consumed during the day.
Individual intolerance to the components of the product, pregnancy and lactation, susceptibility to intestinal disorders. Consult a physician before use.
Taiwan, Japan