Coral Zinc

The biological role of Coral Zinc has defined about 120 years ago. It is necessary for the operation of all body systems: for normal growth, reproductive function support, hematogenesis, taste perception and olfaction, normal wound repair processes, etc. It takes part in the work of hypophysis, pancreatic, and prostatic glands.

Coral Zinc is a product with a unique range of health benefits. It’s indispensible for proper functioning of thymus and immune system; it prevents the development of immune deficiencies, has an anti-viral effect, maintains body’s hormonal balance; preventing the development of an enlarged prostate and skin diseases and is also very effective at treating acne.

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  • Immune system depression;
  • Lipid metabolism interruptions;
  • Prostate adenoma;
  • Apathy and depression;
  • Various skin problems.

The product contains zinc gluconate; an element that body can digest more easily and more fully and which does not have any side effects; conforming to the highest quality standards and is recommended to all age groups.

The sources of zinc in food include beef, liver, seafood, wheat germs, oatmeal, carrot, peas, spinach and nuts.

Body of an adult person contains between 1.5 and 3 grams of zinc. Zinc can be found in all the organs and tissues but the largest concentration of zinc is found in prostate gland, sperm, skin, hair, muscle tissue and blood cells.

Zinc participates in various metabolic processes, including metabolism of protein; for this reason it is indispensible for a variety of biochemical processes. Mineral is needed for the synthesis of a number of proteins including collagen as well as for bone formation.

Zinc also participates in division and separation of cells, formation of the T-cell immunity, functioning of a dozen of enzymes, insulin and pancreas.

Zinc helps the absorption of vitamin E and maintains a normal concentration of this vitamin in blood, regulating blood formation process.

It plays an important role in skin regeneration, hair and nail growth, secretion of sebaceous glands because of its role in protein synthesis.

Zinc is also important for processing alcohol so if a person is low on zinc they may become predisposed to alcoholism.

Zinc has a synergetic effect when it’s combined with vitamins A and B6, having an overall health improvement effect on body.

Zinc (Gluconate) 25 mg, auxiliary components.

Take one tablet daily with a meal.