Lax-Max is a mild natural laxative. The ingredients of this dietary supplement are specifically selected to ease bowel movements, improve digestion and restore beneficial microbial flora of the intestinal tract. Lax-Max helps cleanse the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract and promotes detoxification of the body by purging it of toxins and heavy metals.


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  • Normalizes bowel movements, acts as a stool softener, and keeps you regular;
  • Restores beneficial intestinal microbial flora;
  • Binds toxins and gently removes them from your body.

The fructooligosacharides inulin and psyllium husk affect the peristalsis of the intestine. They inhibit liquid absorption in the colon thereby liquefying the stool and improving the bowel motility. This increases the frequency of defecations, softens the stool, and restores a relaxed intestine.

As a sorbent, inulin absorbs various heavy metals and radionuclide, and purges them from the body while also promoting the growth of micro flora in the intestine.

Buckthorn, Turkish rhubarb and Senna are sources of active ingredients that strengthen the peristalsis of the colon. Their laxative effect is achieved through the irritation of the mucous membrane of the colon. They work very well in chronic constipation and flatulence, also purging the body of toxins and improving the function of the intestine.

Alfalfa, clover, rosemary, fenugreek, Myrick, bleck walnut; the saponins, flavonoids, minerals and mucous substances contained in these plants inhibit fermentation and putrefaction in the intestine, and reduce inflammation.

Plant fibers ease the evacuation of the contents of the intestines. Mucous substances reduce inflammation by creating an extra layer over the intestine and helping it to heal.

Magnesium oxide accelerates metabolism and bile excretion while at the same time increasing the amount of water in the intestine, thereby strengthening the peristalsis and eliminating constipation.

Take four capsules in the morning before breakfast.

The first 2 days, 1 capsule in the morning for 30 minutes before breakfast, drink a glass of water. Gradually increasing the daily intake, to increase to 4 capsules in the morning for 30 minutes. before breakfast. In 4 capsules contain 360 mg of magnesium (90% of the CPR).

Course duration is 2-3 weeks. If necessary, it can be repeated. For maximum effect, the capsule drinks 1-2 glasses of water with Coral-Mine.

When used in conjunction with Colloidal Silver and Assimilator Lax-Max effectively prevents dysbacteriosis.