Premium Spirulina

Spirulina is at the same time both a bacterium and the plant capable of photosynthesis. Its blue-green pigments convert carbon dioxide and water into complex organic compounds using the energy of sunlight. This synthetic process makes Spirulina an eco-friendly, simple and at the same time exceptionally high-quality food product containing a concentrated complex of useful substances, which are quite rare in vegetable food.

Premium Spirulina is an excellent product for those who are seeking to improve their health, control their weight, cleanse the body and replenish life energy.

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A “Premium Spirulina” is an efficient and prophylactic remedy for people with:

  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency;
  • Anemia;
  • Overweight;
  • GIT disorders;
  • A buildup of plaque and associated diseases.

The membranes of Spirulina composed of “soft” mucopolysaccharides and therefore the human body can easily digest and assimilate biologically complete protein of this microalga (over 60%) containing all amino acids necessary for the human body including all 8 essential (irreplaceable) amino acids. Compared to products of animal origin which contain high levels of fats, Spirulina has only 5–6% fat composed primarily of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are very valuable for our body. Among these are linoleic and gamma-linolenic acids (the only other place where gamma-linolenic acid is found in nature is breast milk).

Furthermore, Spirulina is also the richest of the known sources of Vitamins А, В12, Е, and F. Ten grams of Spirulina contains three (!) daily doses of Vitamin В12. The deficiency of cyanocobalamin (Vitamin В12) observed in people over fifty, and also in vegetarians, pregnant women, heavy smokers, and people with GIT disorders. The deficiency of this vitamin is manifested by weakness, increased fatigability, degraded performance, memory lapses, and menstrual problems.

Spirulina is also a source of many inorganic substances and microelements. It should also be noted that it contains high concentrations of immunity-stimulating antioxidants, such as beta-carotene, selenium, and germanium. Spirulina has 5 times more iron than brewing yeast or dill.

The consumption of Spirulina for one month leads to a substantial increase in life energy; normalizes arterial pressure, helps improve metabolic processes, increases a non-specific body resistance, and has antitoxic and antianemic activity.

Spirulina 500 mg.

Adult take six or more tablets daily.