SuperSpirulina Bar with Macadamia Nuts

SuperSpirulina Bar with Macadamia Nuts is an excellent protein supplement that provides maximum energy yet contains a minimal amount of calories. It promotes cardiac health and regulates fat metabolism.

This bar contains only ingredients of vegetal origin. It is an excellent dietary product that contains no sugar, no artificial colors, no flavor enhancers or preservatives.

Has an amazing nutty flavor for adults and children!

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This dietary supplement is a powerful source of energy that improves peristalsis, digestion, and metabolism; boosts immunity and promotes heart health.

Macadamia nuts, cashews, sesame seeds and flax seeds are rich in minerals, protein, sugars, fiber, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. They normalize the function of the heart and improve lipid metabolism; effectively reducing blood cholesterol and promoting weight normalization. Apart from other beneficial properties sesame and flax are good at removing toxins.

Spirulina is a recognized part of a rational and balanced diet. It improves metabolism and activates the processes of detoxification, normalizes digestion, and has a tonic effect.

Quinoa and rice are rich sources of protein, vitamins, micro- and macro elements. These ingredients have a beneficial effect on metabolism and on the nervous system. They help curb your appetite, improve digestion, and keep you regular.

Agave nectar, dates and raisins are rich sources of organic acids, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They boost immunity and support the nervous system, normalize metabolism and makes this bar a highly beneficial and exquisite delicacy.

All ingredients of this product are antioxidants and are highly beneficial for metabolism, immune response, nervous system, and digestion.

This health food bar is beneficial for the entire family. It is indispensable if you are into sports and is highly recommended to promote mental clarity and focus. This supplement also helps to achieve weight loss goals.

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