Ca-Mg Complex

“Ca-Mg Complex” – a product that supports the desired ratio of calcium and magnesium in the body, improves calcium and magnesium metabolism and optimizes the vital processes associated with the metabolism of minerals.

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Ca-Mg Complex:

  • Helps to improve the metabolism of calcium and magnesium
  • Has a positive effect on heart and blood vessels
  • Promotes regular heart rate
  • Helps strengthen musculoskeletal tissues


Calcium (CA) is one of the most important elements in our body, on which depends the functioning of almost all systems. First of all, it is the main component of the bone skeleton; carrying out structural function in the body. Calcium also plays the role of regulator of enzymatic processes, secretion of hormones; intracellular metabolism, neuromuscular conductivity. From this mineral depend stable activity of the heart and vascular tone, the nervous system and normal blood clotting; production of digestive enzymes and hormones, permeability of blood vessels and cell membranes.


Magnesium (Mg) not less important macronutrient, 70% of which is found in bones. He is considered an antagonist of calcium, but at the same time both minerals as twin brothers need each other and work in pairs. These minerals should be in the body in the optimal ratio. Under this condition, magnesium promotes better absorption of calcium; controls the flow of calcium into the cells and prevents its excessive excretion. At the same time, calcium contributes to the reduction of skeletal muscles and smooth muscles, and magnesium, on the contrary; relieves spasm and relaxes muscles. In addition, magnesium provides the release of cellular energy of ATP, regulates the tone of smooth muscles (blood vessels, intestines, gall and bladder, etc.), helps to relieve stress.


Silicon (from horsetail extract) promotes the absorption of calcium and more than 70% of other elements (phosphorus, fluorine, sulfur, magnesium; sodium, etc.), preventing the development of osteoporosis. With its shortage in the body deteriorates the absorption of all minerals and vitamins.


Boron is the element that significantly improves metabolic processes of the most important elements: magnesium, calcium and fluorine. It is involved in the conversion of vitamin D into the most active form; together with silicon and vitamins K and D3, improves absorption and metabolism of calcium; magnesium and phosphorus, preventing their loss through the kidneys.


Vitamins K and D3 are involved in bone and connective tissue metabolism. They are involved in the absorption and use of calcium in the early stages of bone formation, provide the interaction of calcium and magnesium.

Calcium, Magnesium, Silica, Boron, Vitamin K, and Vitamin D3.

Take two capsules x2 a day, with meals.